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Frances Locke Designs

Frances Locke Designs - Art, Stationery, & Greetings

In 2015 I founded Frances Locke Designs - the world's *greatest purveyor of rude cards, political snark, and other fine creations. I am a writer, artist, and cat enthusiast who enjoys long walks on the beach, making obscure pop-culture references, and tweeting at B-list celebrities. I specialize in graphic design, web development, brand wizardry, political humor, and cat wrangling.

I also plays badminton, which we all know is VERY COOL.

My Cat Mascot

Poof Kitty loves to read books

Poofington Von Kitty Kat III (aka Poof Kitty) is my black & white cat mascot. He is very aloof and quite poofy but he doesn't play badminton and is thus slightly less cool.

*According to my mom